View our installation projects around Durban. CCTV Camera systems, remote monitoring, solar powered, high definition cameras, wireless IP cameras, offsite monitoring via mobile devices.

Durban. CCTV Camera systems, remote monitoring, solar powered, high definition cameras, wireless IP cameras, offsite monitoring via mobile devices

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Our Projects

Onelogix Group

Eye Cam recently completed the CCTV Camera Installation at Onelogix Group – Umlaas Road. Cameras were Installed in the Office Block, Logistics Warehouse and on the Perimeter Fence. Wireless Access Points connected the Perimeter Cameras to the Control Room.

Rubro Construction

As theft has become a huge factor, Rubro Construction commissioned Eye Cam to Install a CCTV Camera system at their storage yard, due to the fact that there is no power onsite, it was decided to Install a Solar Powered Camera system.

Gibb Steel

Gibb Steel recently added extra warehousing to accommodate their manufacturing section.

Eye Cam was responsible for securing the site with CCTV Cameras.

Carter Renault – Springfield

Carter Renault recently setup a new Dealership and Service Centre in Durban.

Eye Cam was fortunate enough to be awarded the contract to Install CCTV Cameras in the Showroom and Workshop.

Farmgate Dairy

Farmgate Dairy recently added a 2nd Warehouse for storage facilities whereby Eye Cam installed a CCTV System.

On the same premises Creighton Dairies upgraded their CCTV System to High Definition Camera System

Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High School recently installed a Wireless IP Camera system.

Keeping an Eye on the Hillcrest High School Entrances and Exists.

Points Tyre and Auto

Points Tyre and Auto have had their branches CCTV upgraded, also allowing Owners to monitor each site remotely.

Indian Ocean Terminals - liquid bulk storage & handling

Indian Ocean Terminals recently upgraded there outdated Camera system to a High Definition Camera System.

This allows for management to observe activity at the Weighbridges either live at the office or whilst offsite from site on their Mobiles.

Saw Specialists

Ethekwini Municipality and Martin & East Construction remote monitoring project

Ethekwini Municipality and Martin & East Construction have recently embarked on upgrading the On and Off ramps on the M13 at the University Rd and Essex Terrace turnoff.

Eye Cam were approached to Install a camera system whereby the Engineers can remotely monitor the progress of the road construction and monitor traffic flow.

The challenge was that no municipal power is available and no cabling was permitted for the CCTV Cameras.

Taking the above restrictions in mind, Eye Cam installed a Solar Powered Camera System with a Wireless Link from each Camera to the Control room.

Link Hills Shopping Centre

Link Hills Shopping Centre in Waterfall recently had their CCTV Camera system upgraded by Eye Cam.

Keg & Trout Hillcrest

Eye Cam together with the Keg & Trout Hillcrest (Who sponsored a CCTV Camera System) installed the Camera System for the Westriding Neighbour Hood Watch.

Cameras are strategically placed at the Hillcrest Christ Church, this gives the Patrollers a good view of the railway line, Patrollers are also able to access the cameras via their Mobile Devices



Due to the recent attempted break in’s at Nampak Closures they have added extra security cameras on the perimeter which are wirelessly linked to the main Guard Control Room.


Megapak CCTV Camera system upgrade

Eye Cam was approached by Megapak to do a site survey on their Current CCTV Camera system and report back. As per the Photo’s you can see the challenge that lay ahead.

Eye Cam has successfully been given the task of clearing out the old CCTV Camera system and Upgrading to an IP CCTV Camera system.


Real Telematics

Real Telematics is a leading Telematic Solutions Company based in Pinetown that recently upgraded their Internal Camera System.




Camera Install Bidfood Durban


Vumatel Head Office and all the Vumatel Fibre Sub Stations are been equipped with CCTV Cameras by EYE CAM.

Durban Christian Center


When the Durban Christian Centre needed an eye in the sky over the construction and development of their new facility, EYE CAM literally rose to the challenge.

Here you can see the EYE CAM installers affixing a Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera to the massive Cross at the Durban Christian Centre.

Eye Cam are willing to go the extra mile to ensure remote monitoring of the construction activities on site.


Vinimark “The Wine Company” requested that we install their wireless CCTV systems.

Durban Marina

Due to the recent break ins and theft occurring at The Durban Marina, Eye Cam has been asked to Install a Wireless IP Camera system.

The project will be done in phases, first 7 cameras have been installed, with a further 20 cameras to be installed.

Thekwini Cars

CCTV Cameras recently installed at Thekwini Cars Pinetown and Durban.


Control room cameras for Bohrmeister security camera project.

Liquor City

Liquor City required updated camera systems for all the Liquor City owned stores.

Food Lovers Market

EYE CAM are proud to be keeping an eye on FOOD LOVERS MARKET with their CCTV cameras.

Gedore Tools

Due to the recent strike and intimidation at Gedore Tools, Eye Cam has been awarded the contract to upgrade the CCTV Camera System.

Pinetown Gymnasium

Eye Cam recently installed a Camera System at Pinetown Gymnasium.


Eye Cam has been awarded the Contract for Fishwicks to upgrade their entire CCTV Camera system to an IP Surveillance System.

Yamaha distributors

Eye Cam is proud to be a preferred supplier to Yamaha Distributors.